General product information

    Alphabetical list of our products:

    Aggrastat (antithrombotic/acute coronary syndrome)
    Brinavess (antiarrhythmic, cardiac)
Cefepime OrPha (antibiotic, fourth generation cephalosporin)
    Empressin (Vasoconstrictor, hypotension in septic shock)

Esmolol OrPha (antihypertensive, cardioselective beta blocker)

    Flucloxacillin OrPha (antibiotic)
    Nalbuphin OrPha (opioid analgesic, painkiller)

    Naloxon OrPha (antidote, morphine antagonist)

    Naltrexin (detoxification treatment)

    Piperacillin-Tazobactam OrPha (antibiotic)

    Remodulin (prostacyclin analog, pulmonal arterial hypertension (PAH))
    Succicaptal (antidote, heavy metal poisoning)
    Thromboreductin (antineoplastic agent, essential thrombocythemia)
    Tiberal (antibiotic, antiparasitic)
    Tranexam OrPha® (antifibrinolytic, therapy of bleedings, prophylaxis of bleedings)
    Urapidil Stragen i.v. (antihypertensive, hypertensive emergencies)

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