OrPha Swiss Team

    The OrPha Swiss team comprises just a few, highly-qualified members who receive the support of external consultants as and when required. The members of the "fixed" team are:


    Jan Schulte

    Geschäftsführer/Managing Director

    Office Management & Logistics

    Sandra Hemsley

    Office Manager

    Business Development

    Dr. Juerg Fehlmann

    Portfoliomanager (inkl. Offertenmanagement)

    Marketing & Sales

    Please see the respective area responsibilities with a click on the cantonal flags



    Dr. Michael Caballero

    Head MSL/Area Manager

    Bettina Morf

    Medical Information Manager

    Dr. Florence Poty

    MSL/Area Manager (Area: GE, VS, VD, FR, WA, NE, JU, TI)

    Marleen Hanelt

    MSL/Area Manager (Area: BE, SO, BL, BS, AG, LU, OW, UR, ZG)

    Sandra Leser

    MSL/Area Manager (Area: ZH, SZ, GL, GR, SG, TG, SH, AR, AI)

    Drug Safety Team

    Quality Team

    Regulatory Affairs Team