Mission & Vision

    OrPha Swiss is a Swiss pharmaceutical company which focuses primarily on drug therapy for rare diseases ("orphan diseases") and on drugs that are "orphaned" in Switzerland or occupy only small, niche positions.

    In addition, generic products, particularly in the antibiotics area, help successfully implement this challenging strategy in Switzerland and abroad. Moreover, OrPha Swiss is actively committed to offering therapies for addictive disorders and markets specific antidotes.

    Our highly motivated and specially trained staff aim to ensure that doctors and pharmacists are provided with effective drugs that are able help the affected patients.

    For this reason, we strive for equal and partner-like relationships with our customers, as it is only by working together that the aim of the patients' wellbeing can be achieved.

    OrPha Swiss also positions itself clearly as a competent business partner for usually larger pharmaceutical companies, for whom it may be economically unprofitable to maintain medically valuable products on the Swiss market themselves.