Business Partners

We maintain an extensive network of national and international companies as well as specialists in the health care sector. These valuable relationships enable us to develop innovative solutions and to offer high-value products, which focus on the well-being of patients.


We strive for equal and cooperative customer relationships with treating health care professionals, wholesalers, pharmacies and hospital pharmacies.

OrPha Swiss also positions itself a as competent business partner for other pharmaceutical companies, enabling it to continue to market important medicinal products in Switzerland. We want to prevent a situation in which an increasing number of drugs is deregistered in Switzerland for commercial reasons and then required to be imported again at a high price and a great expense. We therefore appreciate being informed as soon as possible if a pharmaceutical company has plans to cease marketing a pharmaceutical product in Switzerland.

Global Business

OrPha Swiss is an attractive business partner for pharmaceutical companies worldwide. For many years we have cooperated with international pharmaceutical companies and have supported them in the development of new products, in particular for the treatment of rare diseases.